Dragon Interior Designs Corp.


Founded: 2013

Owner: Brett Schnell

Owner: Ella Klein


Areas of expertise:  Exterior & Interior Doors, Baseboards, Casings, Sill Casing, Sill & and 100% solid lumber

Dragon Interior Designs Corp.

exterior doors

exterior doors 

Our goal is to give our Customers that "WOW" feeling every single time they walk into the front door! 

 solid wooden doors woodworking 

Solid wooden doors

Make walking into your home special every time!

Company Profile

DID Doors are hand build by craftsman and were designed with extra-large brick moulds, casings and components to give an even more substantial look than the rest of our competitors.

Whether you like it Contemporary, Modest, Modern, Arched, Full Round, Square, Timeless or Medieval, we have a selection of Door Styles for every taste.

We are very proud of our unique wood species called "Black Medieval Walnut" (exclusive to Dragonwood doors), which is a strong, stable, high end hardwood, with a neat one-of-a-kind distinctive grain, that gives your door an incredibly beautiful, one-of-a-kind look & feel.

Our team strives and takes great pride in building the finest doors, out of the finest wood.

That's why our doors always exceed our customers expectations.

You will see many of our doors in Calgary, Edmonton and throughout all Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Our retail outlets are in the Okanagan Valley and now in Saskatoon this spring 2014.

You will know you have a Dragonwood door every time you see it, open and close it. Its density makes it nearly impossible to dent. It is twice as dense and heavy as fir, knotty alder and pine.

Whether you want a walnut front entrance door, wine cellar door, exterior door, french door, interior doors or even unique designs for large developments, luxury homes and commercial or residential projects, give yourself the edge and enjoy the art and beauty of a medieval walnut Dragonwood door.Type your paragraph here.

About Us 

We at Dragon Interior Designs Corporation are committed to you, our Valued Customer.

That's why we took years of our experience to give you the most popular door styles, in the 
best possible quality engineered door, and the highest quality wood, for the lowest price
on the market.Type your paragraph here.