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exterior doors

exterior doors 


Ray from RLJ Homes, Kelowna

"I started buying these doors five years ago, because of their unique
styles and species of wood. Ever since then, I offer these doors to all
my clients and they are always thrilled with the quality, craftsmanship,
and unbeatable prices. I must say, their product stands far above the

Lee Chan from Vancouver

"I bought my door about three years ago and still to this day, there is
not a person who walks through the Athena, who isn't blown away by
the door. It is still the most favorite part of our home!"

Michael  from Calgary

"When I got my door, I was  even more impressed then expected. 
These doors really keep they'r promises of quality, stability and looks and build into your own home, they look even more massive and beautiful then on any pictures.
I am more than satisfied with my DID door and I would buy it anytime again."

Lydia M. from Edmonton

"My Husband and I bought one one of the "Athena" door for our front entrance
and the "Camelot" for our wine cellar. 
We couldn't believe the price for this kind of wood in that kind of quality door. 
We are simply amazed by our doors. It really does make walking into our home special every time."

Sean from Edmonton

"I love our "Hylton", it perfectly fits the style of our house.
We have been looking around a lot until we've found the perfect door for us and no other company could offer that quality and beautiful special walnut, like DID.
Me and my wife are more then happy with our door and we can only refer the doors from DID to everybody!"

Will from Red Deer

"High end quality, amazing wood species and incredible looks!​"

Richard B. from ​Regina

"My builder actually strongly discouraged me to DID doors! They are his first choice because of they'r solid engineered craftsmanship and the unique wood species and on top of all, they are actually affordable. I gotta say, I'm very impressed by the quality of my door and I simply love the walnut!"

Sarah Roth from Calgary

"I am more the modern kind of person, but the medieval feel you get from the crazy, beautiful grains in the wood is just spectacular. "